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Magnum Mobile Series Generators

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Lite Magnum Mobile Generators

MLG8 6 KVA 6 KW $7,460.00
MLG15 13 KVA 13 KW $9,250.00
MLG20 19 KVA 19 KW $10,200.00
MLG25 23 KVA 15 KW $11,375.00
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Super Quiet Magnum Mobile Generators

MMG25 23 KVA 15 KW $14,390.00
MMG45 41 KVA 30 KW $17,500.00
MMG55 59 KVA 45 KW $18,700.00
MMG75 72 KVA 52 KW $23,207.00
MMG100 98 KVA 71 KW $24,490.00
MMG125 124 KVA 90 KW $33,690.00
MMG150 145 KVA 106 KW $39,010.00
MMG170 171 KVA 120 KW $42,965.00
MMG235 233 KVA $50,475.00
MMG320 320 KVA $74,360.00
MMG405 326 KVA $99,710.00
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Tuff Portable Power Generators

Our mobile line of diesel generators or gensets fulfill larger power needs while maintaining exceptional mobility. Built for reliability and toughness, they excel in the most extreme conditions from the heat of the desert to the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle - taking power where and when our customers need it.

Features: What People Like the Most About Us

Mobile, Easy to Use, 3 Phase- Power

The MMG25FHI Flip-hood Generator or Genset; powered with the proven Isuzu 4LE1-PV05 diesel engine, trailered for mobility to and from site, featuring the revolutionary Patent Pending Flip-hood enclosure which boasts Easy to Use, Easy to Service, Easy to Reach!

Award Winning Patent Pending Flip-hood Enclosure

The MMG25FHI generator has two access hoods that flip wide open to allow for unobstructed accessibility to the generator's internal components. The front service hood easily flips open providing complete accessibiity to perform daily operator checks and routine maintenance. The back hood flips open to provide access to the generator end and electrical connections for full service.

Flip-Tongue Trailer Design- Lower Transportation Costs

The trailer tongue of the revolutionary flip-tongue design flips up permitting cross-trailer loading for shipment. This allows up to 10 generators or gensets per truckload cutting transportation costs by 40%-45%.

Centralized Control Panel

The control panel is centrally located at the rear of the generator allowing for a full view and larger access of all of the electrical connections, wiring and digital controller.

Latest Press Release:

Since Magnum Products was founded in 1988, we have supplied powerful, high-quality, heavy-duty industrial mobile diesel generators or industrial gensets for a variety of industries and specialties including road and commercial construction, construction rental, electricians, mechanics, government and military, and special events. Magnum towable generators are designed and built to meet any conditions and extreme challenges. Whatever your needs, you can be sure Magnum portable gensets have the power to meet them where and when you need it.

Security - The United States Government relies on Magnum towable generators to power and light critical areas like the Pentagon and military bases around the world.

Disaster Relief - Magnum industrial gensets products are there to assist in relief efforts for various natural disasters.

Military Actions - Magnum mobile skid mounted generators have supported and continue to serve our troops in countries on every continent from the Arctic to Uzbekistan Industry Applications - Magnum provides light and portable power to remote locations and rental fleets in places like Alaska, South America and Europe for use on all types of road and building construction.

Specialty Applications - Magnum provides custom industrial mobile generator products for unique applications such as fixed generators for space shuttle support, fire fighting, security lighting and stand-by power for hospitals and homes.

Warranty Responsibility: It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to ask for, thoroughly read, and understand the light tower warranty prior to purchasing equipment. Failure to read and comprehend the warranty policy does not expose Powko Industries, LLC to any liabilities over and above the stated warranty bond. If you have any questions or need clarification of warranty details please contact or call technical support at 866.609.6379