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Powko Mobile and Fixed Generators

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Powko Mobile and Fixed Generators
Super Quiet Mobile Series Generators
PG-20P 25 KVA 20 KW $13,395.00
PG-30P 38 KVA 30 KW $18,025.00
PG-40P 50 KVA 40 KW $18,420..00
PG-45P 56 KVA 45 KW $18,580.00
PG-60P 75 KVA 60 KW $19,785.00
PG-80P 100 KVA 80 KW $20,610.00
PG-100P 125 KVA 100 KW $21,350.00
PG-125P 156 KVA 125 KW $29,295.00
PG-150P 187 KVA 150 KW $32,630.00
PG-150I 187 KVA 150 KW $29,850.00
PG-180P 225 KVA 180 KW $33,120.00
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Tuff Portable Power Generators

Our mobile line of Powko diesel generators fulfills larger power needs while maintaining exceptional tough mobility. Built for reliability and toughness, they excel in the most extreme conditions from the heat of the desert to the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle - taking power where and when our customers need it.

Features: What People Like the Most About Us

Lockable Voltage Selector Switch

A three-position voltage selector switch is standard on all Quiet models, providing almost any single- or three-phase voltage you need. The switch is lockable to prevent damage by changing voltages while the unit is running.

User-Friendly Control Panel

All Powko&® Super Quiet mobile generators share a common user interface, including a simple-to-use controller and large, easy-to-read analog gauges to monitor electrical and engine performance. Convenience receptacles remain live regardless of the voltage selector switch position.

Permanent Magnet Generator

All Powko&® generators sizes come standard as a Permanent Galvanized Skid base mounted to a towable trailer (PGS) for superior portability, toughness and responsiveness. With these options, you can be converted into a fixed situation in only minutes!

Latest Press Release:

More Quiet Industrial Diesel Power

Powko expands their product line with a new edition: Super Quiet genset line; these portable diesel generators or genset units’ targets rental and construction applications. With a prime power output, this towable gen-set helps fill out the lower half of the Super Quiet range that spans a total larger output. Powko’s mobile genset is powered by a four cylinder; engine rated 66 hp at 1800 rpm.

The engine drives a brushless, state of the art bearing generator. Our industrial towable generators or gensets can deliver both single- and three-phase power simultaneously. Three-phase service is available on the distribution side of the unit, while single-phase receptacles are offered on the control panel, all of which allow the operator to run both power sources at the same time. Three-phase power is available at 208, 220, 240, 416, 440 and 480 V, with 600 V output available as an option. Standard single-phase outputs are 120, 127, 139, 240, 254 and 277 V. The control panel incorporates a series of gauges that aid in monitoring both engine and fixed generator status and functions. Engine gauges display water temperature, oil pressure, engine hours, fuel level and battery voltage. Power output gauges indicate volts, amps and frequency.

All of the powko industrial generators come with a five-lug distribution board that has the ground connection in the distribution panel with the other connections. A recessed plug connector in the control panel allows for connection of a range of equipment needing external power sources. A voltage adjust potentiometer switch, also accessible from the panel, allows selection of desired voltages. The switch is lockable to prevent damage by changing voltages while the unit is running.

Like other Powko trailer-mounted gensets, their mobile diesel line is built onto a heavy-duty DOT-approved gen set style trailer with a full light package, and bolt-on fenders. The heavy-gauge steel frame allows the portable generators to be set with the frame rails, giving the package a lower profile and providing easier towing. Sounds like the new mobile generators standard to me!

Warranty Responsibility: It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to ask for, thoroughly read, and understand the light tower warranty prior to purchasing equipment. Failure to read and comprehend the warranty policy does not expose Powko Industries, LLC to any liabilities over and above the stated warranty bond. If you have any questions or need clarification of warranty details please contact or call technical support at 866.609.6379